ID NOW – rapid molecular diagnostic for COVID-19



ID NOW – rapid molecular diagnostic for COVID-19 and other viral infections detects the virus in 13 minutes

ID NOW™ – utilizes proven isothermal molecular technology in an intuitive platform, providing the

fastest molecular results on the market

Speed – results in 13 minutes

Results – Test results in minutes enable immediate clinical decisions during the first patient visit, appropriate and more efficient patient management and infection control decisions.

Easy to use – designed for point of care use in a variety of healthcare settings.

Provided tests:

  • COVID-19
  • RSV
  • Influenza A and B
  • Strep A

Sample types – nasopharyngeal, nasal, throat (depending from the test)

Package – Assay kit contains necessary components for testing, including: 24 tests, swabs for sample collection, positive control swab and color coded cuvettes for complete testing. No need for manual pipetting or preliminary sample preparation

Storage – Room-temperature storage eliminates need for refrigeration.

Dimensions – 20.70 cm Х 19.40 cm Х 14.50 cm