About the company

ВULMAR ML Ltd. is a company specialized in wholsale distribution of medical products, medicines and medical equipment. Founded in 2003, the company has quickly established itself in a professional manner on Bulgarian market as an importer and distributor of equipment, consumables and full range of products for the needs of the transfusion hematology and immunohematological diagnostics of leading European manufacturers.

Some of the most active clients of BULMAR ML Ltd. are the Ministry of Health, the Medical Military Academy, the National Center of Transfusion Hematology, all university and the largest municipal hospitals in the country, as well as many private clinics and practicies. In order to constantly update, improve and promote its products and services the company closely monitors the needs of its customers, regularly attends international exhibitions, symposiums and trade fairs and conducts a policy on information and consultation on the products quality, import, organization and supply system.


Bulmar ML is a trading company representing on the Bulgarian market leading international companies in the Medical consumables sector. With warehouses, stock availability, and developed logistics, the company strives to be a preferred supplier and occupy an increasing share of the medical supplies trade in Bulgaria. Entrepreneurship and good customer and supplier relationships are highly appreciated. Each team member has contributed to the final result and feels empathetic and evaluated.


Bulmar ML has been on the market for more than 20 years and is one of the 10 leading companies in the industry. We have the image of a scrupulous company, with individual attitude towards each customer. Our main range of products will be enriched and refined, we will represent new suppliers. In order to achieve the results we will have a clear distribution of customers, we will work in a team and will look for efficiency in all departments.