Quality service and door-to-door transport

Quality service and door-to-door transport of stock to all parts of the country. Bulmar ML has its own fleet, including vehicles with regulated temperature regime.

Highly qualified staff

Highly qualified staff ready to assist and to consult or resolve issues that arise when operating the products we deliver. Our sales representatives have passed and undergo additional training annually with the relevant foreign manufacturers in connection with the update and novelties in the product range.

Technical Service

Service (warranty and post warranty) of the equipment we deliver. Bulmar ML has an engineering department, made up of excellent specialists, who continuously increase their qualification through training abroad at the manufacturing companies, keep track of developments in their field and apply their knowledge and skills in practice. Each of them has the necessary certificates for the purpose.


BULMAR ML Ltd has an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, which is a proof of a built-in and effective quality management system for its activity; Authorisation for wholesale distribution of medical products and devises; a Wholesale Distribution Authorization for medicinal products for human use. The company has two licensed warehouses for storing the products.