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High-tech equipment for your laboratory.

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NEW Automated immunoassay on ARCHITECT iSystem for Methotrexate.

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Unique filter system for extraction of stem cells from whole blood or cord blood.

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А fully automated walk-away instrument designed and manufactured by Grifols to process DG Gel® cards.

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Surgical sets, kits, drapes and gowns.

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Therapy Chair with comfortable mattress with more flexibility in its adjustments.

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X-Ray Protection

A double sided apron with all-around protection.

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More than 10 years together!

X-ray protection


Dr.Goos Protective clothing for users and patients, and other X-rays protective products are made of multi-layer material (several layers of lead coated with natural rubber) for greater wearing comfort. Standard clothing are made of material SupraNorm. With the new "light leaded material" SupraLight approximately 20% less weight is achieved. Wide range of colours for the both materials are available