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High-tech equipment for your laboratory.

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NEW Automated immunoassay on ARCHITECT iSystem for Methotrexate.

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Unique filter system for extraction of stem cells from whole blood or cord blood.

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А fully automated walk-away instrument designed and manufactured by Grifols to process DG Gel® cards.

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Surgical sets, kits, drapes and gowns.

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Therapy Chair with comfortable mattress with more flexibility in its adjustments.

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X-Ray Protection

A double sided apron with all-around protection.

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More than 10 years together!

IVD Diagnostics


BULMAR ML Ltd. as an official distributor of Abbott Diagnostics, offers high-tech equipment and reagents, catering to the needs of laboratories in the field of immunology, clinical chemistry and hematology. Abbott Diagnostics products have helped transform the practice of medical diagnosis from an art to a science by greatly contributing to the modern diagnostics industry through the commitment to improving patient care and helping lower overall costs. You seek quality, convenience, and flexibility in the instruments and tests used in your laboratory. As a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, Abbott provides all of these attributes and more. А broad range of innovative instruments and tests meets the needs of blood banks and laboratories of all specialties and sizes around the world.