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High-tech equipment for your laboratory.

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NEW Automated immunoassay on ARCHITECT iSystem for Methotrexate.

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Unique filter system for extraction of stem cells from whole blood or cord blood.

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А fully automated walk-away instrument designed and manufactured by Grifols to process DG Gel® cards.

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Surgical sets, kits, drapes and gowns.

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Therapy Chair with comfortable mattress with more flexibility in its adjustments.

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X-Ray Protection

A double sided apron with all-around protection.

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Consumables for Hemodialysis



Bellco catheters

The Bellco catheters for short to long-term vascular access for purposes of haemodialysis and aphaeresis are intended for percutaneous insertion and positioning mainly in the internal jugular vein. Where required, alternative insertion sites may be the subclavian or femoral vein. Polyurethane, with single or double lumen

Fistula needles

Fistula needles

Fistula needles and fistula needles with safety function are indicated for haemodialysis, haemofiltration and haemodiafiltration or other treatments requiring an extracorporeal blood circuit or vascular access when larger volumes of blood should be drawn from to the patient’s circulation. Fistula needles are arterial and venous, marked by red or blue bracket. Available with different diameter (15 G, 16G, 17G) and length (15 cm 30 cm) of the tube. For better of recognition the color of the wings indicates a different diameter of the tube.