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High-tech equipment for your laboratory.

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NEW Automated immunoassay on ARCHITECT iSystem for Methotrexate.

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Unique filter system for extraction of stem cells from whole blood or cord blood.

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А fully automated walk-away instrument designed and manufactured by Grifols to process DG Gel® cards.

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Surgical sets, kits, drapes and gowns.

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Therapy Chair with comfortable mattress with more flexibility in its adjustments.

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X-Ray Protection

A double sided apron with all-around protection.

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More than 10 years together!

Who are we


BULMAR ML Ltd. is a company specialized in distribution of medical products, medicines and medical equipment. Founded in 2003, the company has quickly established itself in a professional manner on Bulgarian market as an importer and distributor of equipment, consumables and full range of products for the needs of the transfusion hematology and immunohematological diagnostics of leading European manufacturers.

Some of the most active clients of BULMAR ML Ltd. are the Ministry of Health, the Medical Military Academy, the National Center of Transfusion Hematology, all university and the largest municipal hospitals in the country, as well as many private clinics and practicies. In order to constantly update, improve and promote its products and services the company closely monitors the needs of its customers, regularly attends international exhibitions, symposiums and trade fairs and conducts a policy on information and consultation on the products quality, import, organization and supply system.

BULMAR ML Ltd. is certified under ISO 9001:2008 standard which is an evidence of a developed and implemented quality control system. Today the company has its own office and warehouse, as well as its own vehicles which are constantly being updated. The stafs of BULMAR ML Ltd. consists of excellent specialists who follow the novelties in their field and maintain a high level of qualification, seeking to enrich the portfolio of the offered products and services. Among the company’s priorities are quality, legitimacy, responsibility, commitment, innovation, tolerance, positivity and communicativeness.

BULMAR ML Ltd. is a growing company which is open to the world and the new technologies. Its main goal is to be a reliable partner to all those who aspire the Bulgarian healthcare to reach European and world level.